Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Off Season - ready or not... here I am.

Was it really a month since IMFL? Where does the time go? You know you're old when you say that line. To back up just a tad I was really ready for IMFL, so ready that I didn't want to stop training. Did I really peak? Yes, I guess. But all of my other IM's I've been nursing a niggle or wanting it to be the day after so I could just hang with E or to not HAVE to workout. But not FL. Our fall was SO gorgeous I LOVED weeks of training (very refreshing after a gazillion races) and I didn't want that to come to an end. This made the following days/weeks post IM extra hard. Thanks to the recovery tent with chicken broth, IV, etc... I recovered nicely and wanted to get back in the saddle. MENTAL TALK - take YOUR down time, you physically (even tho i did't feel like it) and mentally need to take this. Accept the common lows/depression that often follows an IM. My head was all over. I wanted our MN fall back. I wanted to find a marathon to run. I feel good and need something on the radar.

To follow up on Kona (thansk RR for reminding me) top 4 qualified and it rolled to 5th. So me being 6th, just 2 min back, missed it. (sniff sniff) As much as I told myself before hand " been there, the box is checked" and it's ok if it doesn't happen, I really relized that I wanted this to happen. One reason could be that the decision is made for Goal Race 2009... but no Q, so now what? After dear friend Merilee rocked out a super solid IMAZ performance and hit a Q, I know i wanted to try again...make Kona a group trip... Let's work hard and do this. So what are the options to Q? IMCDA - lottery? IMKY? Buff springs 70.3? Tons of pros and cons to mapping out 2009, but I'm going for Buffalo springs. CY is in too and another dear friend is strongly considering it. BS, TX... here we come :)

Erik is signed up for IMWI and was accepted to race on the Penn Team in 2009. Our energies feed off eacheother. We're having fun doing workouts together and trying new challenges. Cheers to an eventful 2008!

Live, laugh, love ~ julie


Darcy Franklin said...

I recently read a post by Bree Wee that talked about what drives her. You mentioned you have checked off that box, you should be okay with it not happening, but you are not. Why? What is driving you to do this?

I don't want you to get the idea that I am telling you not to, that is not the case at all. I think sometimes when all of your friends are doing it, everyone is training, you are just thinking about the next race, it becomes obsessive and really easy to forget why you do triathlon in the first place. That is what happened to me and when I took a year off, it was the best thing for me(not saying you should do that either).

It sounds like Eric will be thinking of his sister when the training gets tough. What do you think about?

You need to know that you are an amazing athlete. What you have accomplished is very rare but you might not see that because most of the people you hang out with are also amazing athletes! Do you know what percent of the population has qualified and gone to Kona?? Probably 0.0000001%. And you have done and gone and conquered the course.

If you haven't, go to Bree's blog and find that post. I loved it and put perspective on why I do it(I would be a raging bitch without my endorphin workouts, I think I am a bit ADD so high intensity stuff keeps me focused)! Okay, I will stop writing before I get designated as a stalker! Find your fire and fuel it!

Cy said...

Cheers to working together to do our best in 2009. I'm so excited to go after this together- that makes this whole journey worth it.

Now we need to plan a few trips to AZ.

So who else is thinking about BSLT? Let's get together on Sat to watch the IM. I failed at planning a party, but everyones invited to the YndePad!

juliemac said...

A great season Jules!!
Time to rest so another great season can be had in 2009!!!
I think I am going to go sign up for Buffalo Springs right now!! What fun!! Wouldn't it be fun to all go back to Kona together again!!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Great year you had, really! Cheers to a great 2009 and seeing you again! :)

GoBigGreen said...

Jules 1:
So fun to follow your progress and catch some of the energy you and E have. I look forward to seeing both you and Jules 2 out there at the TT's and even some Tri's! Fingers crossed, body stays healthy.
Happy holidays to both of you:)
Jules 3

Jaxma99 said...

First, I love your blog! I love to see what you guys are up to! But let me represent all the poor slugs out there and let you know that I really don't understand Triathlon code. I'm starting to figure most of it out, but am wondering if you could do a code key blog... just once and then I'll catch on I promise. I'm a quick learner! :) You are both inspirational! Crazy, but inspirational for sure!! :)