Friday, October 31, 2008

We're ready to roll - 12 hours to cannon time!

Halloween and Erik and i are in sunny Panama city beach. We've just loved the time down here. Everything is going smooth. Oh and get this, I went to get my toes done and calluses removed on wed and found the OPI color of choice.... i look at the name (as OPI has fun themes to their colors) - ROCK ON RED! Can you believe that? too funny and great toes with to go with the ink!

All bags are checked in, bike is cleaned and tires are pumped. This is the first race that my possie (HA!) are not here - mom, dad ,sis. and mom-in law. We so miss you. Then there are my tri homies that at least a few of us are going somewhere togheter.... but here.... slim pickens of people we know. But we've been surrounded by the buzz of some first timers. Our roomie is Erin Schindler - just the sweetest gal - great conversation and fun energy!! E's got his camera git-up ready to roll. Trigger finger is tapered and well fueled. I'll post pics sunday... I reserve the right to be veggie head...

A huge thank you to all of you family and friends for the well wishes and positive vibes.

Hugs - julie

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Yes! We are here!

Hey Sorry for the delay on blogging. Let's just say that IM training and blogging with an "on the fritz" key board don't mix... oh and a type A personality... patience is being tested.

Are you on Facebook??? Well you should be. It is full of one liners that can get you up to date with friends and family. I've chatted with long lost grade school neighbors to the every day life with my best buddies.
So what have I been up to?? Oh goodness - lots of unsure, excited, nervous, etc.... let's just say emotional swings... oh and more racing and training. 9 tri's, 4 du's, 1 half iron relay, 7 biking time trials and one tough TC10 mile are all behind me. The peak race: Ironman Floida in 3 weeks.

9/21 - Irongirl (2 mi run, 22 bike, 2 mi run) was a mixed bag of tests. How do fast twitch muscles respond to distance training? Will my heart survive or will I have more issues?? It was a beautiful and gorgeous morning; Shelly and Erik and many other friends offering up cheers. I did race hard - fastest run split i've ever posted there and my bike didn't suffer. Finished a solid 2nd OA - more then a min faster that last yr. Wahooo!!!

9/27 - Next up... E was in CA for a family wedding and I had some awesome, monster training on the docket. This was 5 weeks out from IM and I'm doing my first 112 mile ride. Norm is maybe 3-4-5 century rides before an IM. But got out with Ms CY and MS and we had a wonderful ride. no flats. no crashes. no cramps. We even met another local going to IMFL. Followed the ride up with a 5.5 mile run. Legs felt incredible and avg pace was 7:15. Holy schnikeys - little fast for IM, but felt GREAT today :) Anchored the weekend with swimming and a beautiful trail run with Jmac and JL.

10/4 - Great to have E back home and back in the training saddle. We escaped for a 45 mile ride with some strong surges.

10/5 - The TC10 and Marathon! I've done the 10 miler for 4 years now and this yr was not any easier. I feel like I'm running stonger, but apparently not the hills. IMFL is a FLAT race - that's my forte. That's been what I've focused on... So needless to say TC10 mile was 2 min off goal with perfect conditions. I felt exhausted.

Cousin Shelley did her first TC10 in under goal time. Way to go Shelley!!! And her hubby Dave completed his 2nd TC marathon in a super time of 4:01 (appox45 mi PR!!!). I think I heard Shelley say that she wanted to try a TRI... and also try a half marathon. Dang this stuff is addicting ;)

10/10-10/12 - 5K swim Friday (longest swim in months!!!!!!!!!!) I survived. Sat am -another Fricken gorgeous day in mpls. I have to say for doing a late season IM I have been so blessed with weather. This is simply amazing. Fall colors are about peak around the metro and E and I made extra efforts to take it all in. Sat's workout was 2:00 interval bike and 2:20 interval run.
Today is also the day of Kona. Memories of 2006, dreams for IMFL (qualifying??) and inspiring friends who are there filled our day with energy and more emotions. We did a rocken bike over to Hastings and back. For the run we went to Lillydale/StPaul area and ran the path lining the river. Boats on the river, Maples vibrant shades red, ash's golden, sumac late changing and a almost hot pink - it was all just amazing. With sun shining and nearly 75 degrees, E and I were ready to make it thru the steady 5x20 min run segments. Amazingly enough I held 7:45's pretty solid for all 5 intevals. I'm pleased. IMFL- here I come!!!

Recovery was a quick trip to Jamba and BreadSmith (banana cc muffins!) and home we came to watch IMLIVE the rest of the night. HUGE congrats to Cathy Yndestad, Sarah Mercer, the amazing turn around of Jeremy Sartain, Jey Carlson, and Melinda Silbernick. You all are very inspiring each in your own ways. WAY TO GO!!!!

On a side note - I'm relieved and happy to report I've had several tests done for some disturbing health scares and am TOTALLY healthy. WWWHHEEEWW!!!
Go bears!- gotta go get ready - going to Majors for the game.

Live, Laugh, Love ~ Julie