Friday, April 25, 2008

The Tri That Wasn't

Don't ya just love Spring in MN? Arggh!!

Julie and I were all packed and ready to head to West Central MN tonight to compete in the Tinman Triathlon Saturday AM. This was our first official tri of the year and we were excited to start the season out strong. Better yet, we had 6 cousins who were going to take part in relay teams 3 on 3. Not too competitive, but I'm sure there would be some mild trash-talking.

We had been keeping our eye on the approaching winter-like weather and had seen three different forecasts. As of this morning, that area would see minimal (if any) snow. Not an hour later, things had changed. The forecast was for 4-8 inches of wet snow during the day, followed by some additional snow at night. Now I don't know about you, but taking an icy corner on 22mm tires seems closer to hockey than cycling. Die Hard Julie was still eager to go, but I suggested our own personal inside triathlon (Lifetime) as the perfect alternative.

Finally at 3:15PM, we received a blast email from the RD saying that due to heavy snow the triathlon was officially cancelled. Those that pre-registered will get no refund. To give you an idea of the current conditions on the bike and run 30 degrees, snowing heavily, with winds gusting to 45mph. Just 20 miles farther North, they're under an official blizzard warning. Can you believe this?!?!

Ahh, Spring in least they're mailing us our $30 tri T-Shirts.

Back to the treadmill and trainer,


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

First entry!!

Hi julie here - This was a little bit of initiative from both of us, but we (finally) got a blog set up... how fun. It is 11:45pm - well past my nighty-night hour and I'm still verticle with eyes open as Erik serenades with guitar in the other room. He reads so many other blogs out there daily and I squeeze it in when I can. I love the ability to catch up with people across the miles. Thanks to all of you who write and are so inspirational and may not even know it.

We had our first MN track workout last night (first outdoor one was AZ a couple weeks ago): a 5K time trial. "3x1 mile with 1 min recovery" oh this won't be too bad.... OMG - today I woke up and thought I got hit by a freight train! My glutes and quads were talking smack back. What a workout! Altho I wasn't really pleased with my times - Erik rocked. Little back ground on E... AKA EZ - he is an all-conference sprinter in track. He has the wheels of the family. I'm the brickhouse gymnast. He has run speed and I have bike power. We complement each other well in so many ways.

EZ managed to negative split each 1 mile... while i unfortunately got progressively slower. Gumby legs started to climb into my body. Breath! relax! Pretty soon - we got thru it, sun was setting and we're done with the benchmark April 5K Time Trial.

ok - it is midnight and I'm hitting the sack.

Peace - j