Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Coach

This is a short but sweet update. E and I have always been great dream builders and goal setters. We don't really have the classic New Year's resolutions, but instead we lay them out as goals: personal, landscaping/household, financial, etc. Areas vary based on what's flowing in our lives. This yr I struggled with it. I found myself mimicking much of what I had last yr. Why??? I think/feel I've lost touch with the soul of my drive.

Well I have a very special and unique opportunity to be working with a Personal/Business Coach. It was offered up last July and I just couldn't add a big commitment while IM training. So post IM, I pondered many things and made the commitment at the tail end of the yr. I want my engine back. What's a type A with a flat tire?

I interviewed 3 and chose her on Monday. She's a woman with drive, strong sales experience, 5+ yrs of P coaching and also peace and with-it-ness. Yesterday I was emailed a 10 page questionnaire that is quite frankly going to take many days to fill out/ possibly weeks to complete. Very thought provoking questions of ..... me. I love it - Its new.

I've found that just planning to be coached has brought back my "motivation", for lack of better words, to complete tasks, do the little things, to plan, and to not be "overwhelmed" with the big picture. I love it - it's me.

Now as I navigate thru the questionnaire, I'm forced to slow down and think (not an ingrained instinct) and dig deep with those thoughts. Sort of a sole searching, redirecting and introduction to some new lights. I'm so embracing the opportunity. I'm open for this change.

Cheers to a new and unknown 2009!