Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ironman Evolution Erik Style - What have I done?

1982-Watching, uh, "stuff" run down the legs of Julie Moss. Those people are nuts!!
1983-1998 - Those people are still nuts!!
1999- Watching Julie complete the "Extreme" Ironman triathlon in Lake Geneva, WI. This wife of mine is one tough lady...and she's crazy, but I support her in every way possible.
2000-2002 - I've done a few local sprints and even an oly. I would never even consider a half-iron, let alone a full.
2003-2005 - Watching Julie complete IMOO in hell-like temps, even qualifying for Kona in 05. This wife of mine is so inspiring!! Maybe I'll do a half in 06 after not doing a single race in 05.
2006 - Pigman was so tough, my butt could never sit on a seat for 112 miles though. Kona trip was unbelievable!! So many fit people, such inspiration. Boy that 5 mile run on Alii Drive was a b-otch. I can see why people would do an Ironman, but I doubt that I ever could/would.
2007 - Pigman still tough but improved. Definitely in better shape, but could I ever really...I mean really consider the full race? I'll see how 08 goes.
2008 - Well Julie's doing IMFL in November, I've now done my third Pigman Half. We'll see. I'll decide on Monday after IMOO.
09/08/08- 9:15AM-IMOO Registration Form "Congratulations on reserving your spot in the 2009 Ford Ironman Wisconsin!"

What have I done? (Coach Jared's response...I don't know, you're screwed!!) He was kidding of course, but my mind is going 100mph thinking of the training he has in store for this aging/sagging/greying bod of mine. I'm also picturing the finish line and thanking Dad and Laurie for watching over me. Okay, can't...see...screen...now. Just a sec...

The great news is that I have the worlds best training partner in Julie and a large group of friends who happen to be amazing triathletes!! To get better, train with someone better than yourself...well, I have a ton of "someones".

Julie just said, "I'll be downstairs bun (short for honey bun)." That is code for get off the computer and let's getting spinning.

I suppose I'll have to swim (ugh) and run too.

Thanks all, for your unending support (tri and non-tri related). It means the world to me!!

Gotta go now.